Mason Wyatt Pitch Perfect  
A bargain at any price. . . .

Pitch Perfect
Speaker Stands
Model# M-7185whd

Pitch Perfect Speaker Stands
Drastically improve your home stereo sound for only $19.95!
Designed for all home floor-standing and most bookshelf speaker systems.
(Not for use with satellite type home-theater speakers.)
angled for sound enhancement
speaker stand specs -angle
12x12 outside dimension
10x10 minumum speaker size
Special Purchase!
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By discreetly elevating and setting your speakers at an angle
Pitch Perfect speaker stands maximize sound quality.
Heavy-Duty construction - Super high-impact strength
Dampens vibration (decoupling) - Brings new life to old systems
Protects carpets and flooring - Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
The least expensive - most effective way to
improve the sound of your home audio system.
"You will not believe
the difference!"
only $19.95 while supplies last
limited stock
no rain-checks
Over one million sold in Europe this year!

. . . .a steal at this price!


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